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Working with a Developing Minds consultant through the RDI® treatment plans, our family has benefited tremendously. I feel that the therapy does not solely benefit my child but educates us as the guides to help him progress.

The Spencer Family - Milledgeville, GA

Thankfully, we found Developing Minds and Allison McCaskill in 2013. She has worked with him and with me since them using the RDI program. It's an ongoing process but the results so far have been priceless.

Isabelle Tanner - Georgia

The professional instruction given by Jennifer has brought changes to me and my child. We laugh more, and it is easier for me to accept the deficiency of my son, as well as helping him to cover the shortage from the fundamental. As a spiritual mentor for me, Jennifer has consistently encouraged and helped me, creating peace in my extreme agitated heart.

Danny's Mom - Nanjing, China

It is so lucky for me to meet beautiful and intellective Jennifer who is industrious, warm hearted, full of imagination and dedicated herself to her job, and the intervention is quite practical. Ying, working as the translator for us, also shows expertise and excellence that provide natural and smooth training for Niuniu each week.

Niuniu's Mom - Nanjing, China

They learned about focusing and doing things independently as well as how to collaborate with others. They have come so far. We have roads yet to travel and plan on helping them learn even more under Jennifer's guidance, but we are thrilled with how much they have learned.

Edie - California
Mom to twin boys

Our kid has evolved from quite severe initial diagnosis into competent student with his own personality who is well respected both by the classmates and teachers, and certainly has a bright future.

O.M. - Huntsville, Alabama

The efforts Jennifer puts in is apparent through her constant renewal of the latest research and the creativity of the assignments she provides every week. I am constantly inspired by Jennifer’s teachings, and truly enjoy the time spent collaborating with her.

Lauren - California

She is no longer crying for hours, she seeks me as a parent guide for her needs, she seeks out mutually engaging tasks and we are now able to leave our house and join the rest of the world. She seems truly content now and is able to engage at her other therapies.

Abbey Wright - Georgia

Using the Dynamic Intelligence programme, RDI® consultant Jennifer McCaskill’s thoughtful approach, intuitive understanding of autism and her extensive RDI® knowledge has greatly motivated Simon to believe in himself and so further his independence

Nancy & Peter - London, England

As an excellent therapist, she is intelligent, patient and merciful, curing both kids and parents. Having seen so many successful cases and working with her during this time, the feeling that choosing RDI® is the wisest decision becomes stronger and stronger.

Jing Song - Nanjing, China

As the translator, the more I worked with Jennifer, the deeper I understand the principles of RDI® program. Different from behavior adjustment, it insights the inner part of autism individuals, and discusses what they really try to express beneath the inappropriate performance.

Ying - Nanjing, China
RDI® Interpreter