Redefining Autism

Forging new pathways through

Our team works with fellow educators, school systems and other treatment professionals (SLP, OT, PT, etc) to better understand the unique needs of individuals with autism in the learning/therapy environment. We work to determine the optimal level of support, through generating meaningful goals and supporting the implementation of these goals into the classroom/therapy setting. While we do not offer formalized certification, our team frequently offers workshops and seminars for Continuing Education credits to school systems, hospitals, outpatient therapy clinics, and other programs seeking to enrich their understanding of the unique needs of people with autism. Our team has been invited to present all over the country and even made our way to China in 2018. We also offer individual consultations to professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise or who may have trouble making progress with particular students. We believe strongly that the culture surrounding the treatment and education of individuals with autism needs to change and we are committed to fulfilling our role in this transformation.

Lauren, Professional
I have been working with children with ASD for several years, and have learned from a variety of experts. Jennifer is one guide that stands out to me. She is among one of the few experts that teaches the learner to become the expert, rather than just a follower. As I continue to learn from her, I have the confidence to appraise a situation and extract from the knowledge I have gained to successfully guide the children I work with. The efforts Jennifer puts in is apparent through her constant renewal of the latest research and the creativity of the assignments she provides every week. I am constantly inspired by Jennifer’s teachings, and truly enjoy the time spent collaborating with her.
Ying, RDI® Interpreter
Nanjing, China
What impressed me most is the solution given by Jennifer to deal with noncooperation. When a kid refused to be recorded in the clip, yelling, forcing, explanation and persuasion from parents did not work. Jennifer shared her photos of making funny faces, and asked for the amusing moments from the kid. In this lovely way, Jennifer expressed an acceptable message that being recorded is an enjoyable activity. Moreover, she made a modification for the RDI® process practiced with this kid—she substituted a lava lamp experiment for the previous one, and told her that she is a little scientist. This made the kid be willing to show the procedures to audience.
Ashlee, Professional
Jennifer McCaskill has been an inspirational leader to me in the course of the few years I have known her. Thoughtful and brilliant don’t begin to describe her, as she is invaluable as a guide to the families she works with. Her kind and gentle approach combined with her dedication have made her an asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her. I have seen firsthand the powerful life-changing results that have come from her guiding, and appreciate her ever-growing research and humble mindset as she changes the face of autism.
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