Lisa Blackwood



Lisa Blackwood received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Georgia in 2001, graduating summa cum laude. 

After a successful 12 years as a retail pharmacist, Lisa followed her heart when presented with overwhelming and compelling evidence of the life-changing results that families experience in an RDI® program. Certified as an RDI® Consultant in 2012, she offers the Developing Minds team and autism families a unique perspective and unflagging enthusiasm.

Lisa has a special interest in the biomedical approach to autism as well as the nutritional challenges that many children face. As a result of her own challenges with celiac disease, she is personally familiar with the gluten-free diet that benefits many children on the spectrum. 

Along with her work as an RDI® Consultant, Lisa is presently collaborating with a small group of consultants working directly with Dr. Steven Gutstein in developing the new Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum. Additionally, Lisa completed the HANDLE Introductory Course on Neurodevelopmental Differences in 2012 and received training in the DIR Approach to Pediatric Feeding in Spring 2013. 

Lisa now makes her home in Macon with her husband and two daughters.

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