Allison McCaskill



Allison McCaskill is a certified Relationship Development Intervention® consultant serving families affected by autism and other developmental and learning differences.  Passionate about supporting and advocating for this population, she has been working with individuals ranging from infants to adults for over a decade. Allison received her bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, before going on to obtain her RDI® education and certification.


In addition to working with families, she also works closely with Dr. Steven Gutstein, developer of RDI®, to continue to develop groundbreaking advances in autism remediation.  Currently Allison is collaborating with Dr. Gutstein and a select group of other consultants on a book intended to help parents of children on the spectrum to better understand and support those children.  



As co-director of Developing Minds Treatment Center, Allison is eager to meet the individual needs of each family with which she has had the privilege of working.  She is honored to have recently been named to the Central Georgia Autism Support Group’s board of directors, enabling her to increase her ability to have a positive impact on the autism community in central Georgia.

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