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Jennifer McCaskill, RDI®-CC resides in Decatur, Georgia and is the co-founder and co-director of Developing Minds Therapy, LLC. Jennifer started her career as an educator, specializing in the needs of children with Severe Emotional Behavioral Disorders and Autism. Jennifer received her RDI® certification in 2007 and has been practicing as an RDI® Consultant for 11 years now, serving a wide range of individuals ranging from infants to adults. Jennifer uses the RDI® Program, along with her prior experience and training as an educator(,) to address a variety of needs in her clients, including Autism, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, ADHD,


and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.  Jennifer works alongside Dr. Steven Gutstein, as a lead program developer for the second stage of the RDI® Program, the Dynamic Intelligence Program.


Jennifer led the team as the first consultant in the world to begin work applying the Dynamic Intelligence model with families and has worked diligently over the past six years to help develop and improve the program. The development of the program has been heavily influenced by the work that Jennifer has done with her families over the years.  Jennifer has been invited to present the Dynamic Intelligence Program several times over the past six years and works with families all over the world to support successful implementation of the program. She also works to support fellow consultants as they begin their work with families and is collaborating with Dr. Gutstein and the development team to author a book intended to help parents and professionals better understand the unique needs and potential for growth of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Passionate about helping individuals with ASD, Jennifer has dedicated her life’s work to ensuring that individuals with ASD have the same opportunity to attain a meaningful, quality of life as does anyone else. She is committed to providing a voice for individuals with ASD: a voice that fosters greater understanding and respect for those with ASD and their unique journey as they navigate through life in search of their true self.

Annie, Executive Assistant
Annie, Executive Assistant

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